KI launches new Take5 lounge seating collection

[July 2018]

KI’s new Take5 lounge seating collection is inspired by mid-century styling and designed for today’s workspaces. The collection’s single, two- and three-seater sofas with low or high backs are complemented by ottomans, coffee tables and side tables.

Take5’s pillowed shapes and curved armrests are evocative of a teddy bear, instantly inviting the user to feel comfortable and relaxed. The space beneath the armrests also acts as legroom, allowing the user to pivot to the side. The flat top of the armrests double as both a secondary seating surface and a worktop for notebooks or laptops. Each sofa can be fitted with power and USB modules. Matching or contrasting upholstered high backs can be added to reduce distractions, increase a sense of privacy and for noise reduction.